Pops is a Pirate

a wandering

i was making a costume for my sister & was just having such an incredible time. as i tied tentacles of scrap material under a hand weaved bell that hours before was just an old chair destine for the garbage, i kept thinking of how each piece, while by itself was nothing special, was just so wonderful with the rest. i found myself playing like a child and laughing out loud at the way the jellyfish danced about, in awe of the perspective switch from outside to inside the world beneath the tentacles became as the project evolved. i suppose i fell in love with it.

i knew it wasn't enough to share only the finished project. to experience creation, growth, and completion is to experience life. i had to share.

please join the jellyfish movement and add a tentacle to my creation amongst the others added by those before you. you might not know them or will ever meet them, but they were here with you and you will be there with the next. so please be brave, be playful, and be kind in your journey and take a moment to stop and smile at all of the beautiful lives that surround you.

i hope it brings so many smiles~​

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then we built a bunch of other stuff

...and then,






...made with pieces of life & a touch of creativity from all of the most lovely sea gypsies as they wandered past in their adventures to here or there.


and it was lovely~


the jellyfish loved to play and brought smiles to all who meandered past on 
their journeys...

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​Once Upon a Time 
there was a 
BeAUtiFuL jeLLyFiSH...

JeLLyFiSh @ Play

​ we come together.. 

to dream.
to move.
to play.
..to create.

...and then we had a tea party

we have brought to life some beautiful creations over the years... 
thank you all for supporting my art to help make these dreams come true.

let's continue to build together...making this movement move~

​so many friends and fellow flow gypsies have come together to bring these dreams to life!