~traditional taped hoops~

choose your favorite hOOp wrapped in the most durable material: 

duct tape..
and gaffer tape..
and some sparkle..
oh yeah!! 

love this style for both 
beginner hula hotties and 
trick luvin' lassies & lads! 
perfect for: 

the hooper hunny who is hard on their hoop and the sporty spinner who need a tough hoop that to wander with their workout.

~fabric wrapped hoops~

choose your favorite hOOp wrapped in fun patterns and playful prints!
each hoop is made one of a kind using strips of pre-owned fabric alternate duct tapes.

LOVE this eco-friendly hoop!!! 

it is definitely a favorite to the hippie hooper: each pattern being unique and the textured fabrics eliminate the need for bland grip-tapes.
...and you can match your favorite threadies!!! 

~polypro portals~

collapsible performance 

~patchwork hoops~

jam on with our favorite patchwork designs!!
if you are looking to gear up for some festival fun this is the hoop for you!!

great for any level hooper: 
this hoop is big and beautiful giving you lots of time to get your groove on between rotations!! 

perfect for any patchwork-luvin' pirate who wander to lost in the music!!! 

if you like to twirl and dance this hoop is simply a beautiful option for you.

~for wandering hoopers~

can't leave home without your hoops??

trust me, i understand the crazy about 
hula-hauling to & from each 
hooping adventure!!

it's always quite the joyful disaster, isn't it??

sooo...i am making these radical hoop bags and travel hoops for 
fellow meandering 

~playful pixie hoops~

this might be my favorite hoop design!!
have been calling it the playful pixie because i feel like a mischievous forest fairie while conjuring these portals of movement & play!!
 tons of preloved textiles are tangled and tied around, arranged into to  
chaotic perfection... 
another eco-friendly hoop to LOVE!!! 

this hoop is fun for everyone and tends to be a bit heavier than our standard hoops so it is great if your looking for a stylin' way to rock an ultimate dance party work out!!  

a lot of love is put into this hoop design and each circle of luvin' is made one of a kind.

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custom hoops are available upon request.