~custom lovelies~
i love creating custom orders!!
email your thoughts and measurements and i will conjure your inspiration into your very own original piece made by especially for you with LOVE!!

~custom threadies~

~custom hoops~

like a style but want new colors, a different applique or need a different size?? 

do you absolutely have to have a spirit animal costume that speaks to your soul and inspires you to play???

maybe you have a new idea all together and it's just waiting to come alive!!!

all custom clothing pieces start at $50
all spirit animal costumes start at 
spirit animall hoods at

email with measurements, favorite colors, style tweaks, and other ideas and i will get back to you with an accurate quote and timeline for creation!!  

all custom orders are made on a first come basis and i love each idea from 
start to finish before i begin the next. 
i will start creating your custom order only after a deposit of at least half of the estimated project is paid and ship only after paid in full.

all basic custom taped or fabric hoops start at 
$30.... (2 for $50)
$38 for collapsible styles
(2 for $70)
i use 3/4" 100-160psi tubing for all orders unless specified. this is the width & weight that we hoop with the most in our classes and is perfect for all level hoopers as well as an ideal weight for fitness hoops.

lighter or heavier hoops can be conjured upon request.
basic hoop sizes are 
bigger/smaller hoops can also be made upon request.

(a general preference when finding a good hoop size is that it peaks just above your hip when resting at the ground)

remember: the bigger/heavier the slower the rotation 
(easier, more time for dancing, trick learning, & isolation weights)
the smaller/lighter the 
faster the rotation 
(more movement required to keep a-hoopin' so great for faster beats and cardio workouts as well as advancing with tricks)

please do not hesitate to ask questions about your custom hoop...
i would love to help you find a perfect fit!!! 

all specialty hoops
(ribbon, patchwork, & pixie) 
start at 

custom hoops take a little 
more time to make and i put a lot of love into them!!
i usually use 1/4"100psi tubing for these hoops and most are not collapsible.  

most specialty hoops are 
made with recycled materials so i don't really have specific selections for colors & patters but if you have favorite colors and a general concept or theme you want your hoop to represent, i would love to make it for you!!!

specify your preferred size and scheme and i will get to creating!!!

order specifics:  

(height, inseam, shoulder to shoulder, waist, & hips at widest)

(whatcha thinkin??)

(generally i use lots of mixed media and patchworks in my creations so you can be as specific as you want really; usually i prefer your 3 favorite colors and let the piece come alive on its own from there!!!)

~appliques & sprit animals~
(i do not copy!! everything is one of a kind and while i will take inspiration from pictures or pieces you might have in mind, no two of my creations will ever be the same. let's chat & we will see what evolves!!!)

for all custom orders e~mail:
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