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a wandering

Pops is a Pirate

the captains daughter invites 
you to sail around her site
with wishes that you will find  

---X some sea worthy stories X---
~GLoRiouS TreasuRes~
..and maps to meet magic..

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a pirate's life for me


the latest loot


movement meditations

DoN'T be LAte!!!
tea time & tarot talks

luna my moon

once upon an adventure..

recipes to fuel vegan bunny mamas 
(who also happen to be pirates)

ahoy fellow sea gypsies~
a few other projects I have 
been working on lately..

a SCaLLywAG's StiCKer bOOk
..coming soon to the treasure map..
while spending more time in my hOOp lately many portals to practice and play have been evolving. 
join pops is a pirate on YouTube for a 
spin around what i have been up to in the spiral~
i keep finding myself amazed at our own powers on this journey of 
body and breath.
i am excited to share more soon as i add massage to my list of offerings FALL2021.
take note of life's little moments and make time for movement and play everyday. 
believe in bunnies...

all ye loot lovers are encouraged to send a message through cyberspace with any 
questions, comments, or just to say ahRrrg:

​this site is the  ship log of a captain's daughter on her journey with the world.
sometimes there is adventure ahead, or treasure to loot,
but always there be tales to tell....
a collection of content inspired by movement in the mountains 
under the magic of the moon.

this is my space for practice.
​more wandering...